I’m Replacing My Garage Door in Sacramento, Finally!

Replacing My Garage Door

Have you ever embarked on an interesting home project that leaves you all fired up for more? Well, that’s what I’ve been feeling since I cracked the last one. I can tell you that it was such a fulfillment. But if you’re fun of this home improvement thing, then you’ll understand when I start talking about my next project: Instead of doing a garage door repair in Sacramento, I simply replaced it with a new one.

You see, my garage door in Sacramento hasn’t really behaved so well for a couple of weeks now, and being a really great lover of these kinds of do-it-yourself projects, I already know what to do. First off, the door area will need some cleaning immediately after I knock out this old one (I already hate it), and then I’ll start the next noble process of fixing in a new one.

But perhaps what I love most about all this is that it’s simple and easy –that is, if you’re as determined as I feel right now. Things always work out well for me when I take time to gather some confidence before I start a project. That’s pretty much like what happened the last time I was fixing a window. But you understand that a garage door is a much bigger undertaking than just a house window, so this might need some more “mind-position.”

Tutorial that I found on youtube on how to remove a garage door – really useful, check it out:

The fact that I can wake up one morning and fix a garage door doesn’t mean that I don’t do any math. Of course I have to check out and understand the exact cause of the current mishap so I can find a nice way to work around it when I fix in a new one. I’ll need to take the measurements and decide on a new, impressive door design. I just hate repeating mistakes and that’s also what they mentioned in this youtube video.

So as I prepare for this cool “incident”, I’m going around getting my materials in order. I’ll need all the stuff required to make a new garage door, you know. You’re welcome to drop by for some hot coffee as I calmly work this out! And I was quite happy that I’ve decided for replacement and not repair.