About me

I love everything that has to do with working at home to make it more worthwhile. I live in a small house with garden in downtown Reno, Nevada. I have a husband and three children. Anything else you want to know? Hehe, sure you do:

My name is Michelle and I’m 32 years old.

I work as an accountant for a local printing company and one of my biggest hobbies is (next to playing tennis) home improvement. I love it so much. Most of my friends would ask for help from a professional whenever they have something to install or repair in their home.

We recently installed a new garage door and next month it will be the solar panel project on our roof that we are going to install. It’s gonna be really exciting, and we have done so much work in our home already, it works every time. We usually watch some tutorials on youtube on how to do it right – it works every time.

So I think it’s nice to have this Homenology blog so that I can share my knowledge.

Enjoy and all the best,

P.S. You can contact me anytime.